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Today Social Media is so important for businesses conducting advertising campaigns, event marketing, or simply blogging about their products and services. Employees send our countless emails every day that do nothing to improve the companies brand or products. Every email is a lost opportunity to increase business and strengthen relationships. Even individual employees should be promoting their own personalities to the people that they work with. This can really enhance the relationships that they build with your customers.

Using Email signatures such as can greatly improve your sales by converting potential customers into new customers. In todays digital and impersonal business environment a little personality goes a long way. And email signatures and letterhead can go a long way. Custom signatures can also really drive traffic to your website and be a call to action for more sales.

Email signatures are great for personal use also. You can direct your friends to your Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. pages and get them interested in your life and interests. Display you astrological sign, daily quote or words to live by also. Upload a photo or logo to add some beauty to each email. This is a fantastic way to start a conversation and engage your friends and associates!

Think about how many emails are sent out every month. Turn each email in to a branded email marketing machine and expand your personal horizon. Sigwich has become a viral sensation and is quickly adopted by those who see its results. Best of all Sigwich is FREE email signatures! Sigwich does not place any advertisements on your emails and relies solely on donations and search advertising revenue.

Make your mark! Create a free email signature at .

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